Ten best songs of Tech N9ne

Tech n9ne is a popular rapper and hip-hop hop music player of USA. He amazed his fans by his unique style, fast spell out rapping and mesmerizing lyrics of his songs. He has a huge number of hit solo songs in his bag and so the songs that he presented with some great artists. He has a huge fan base all around the world. He has started his career in early age and now he has nearly 10 studio albums and a number of collabos series. He is yet to release more in coming years. From a number of songs of the singer, here you will find the ten best ten according to the fan reviews.

What if it was me

This is one of the most popular songs of Tech n9ne and it is from his Album “The Storm”. The album was a big hit and first successful album of his career. This music piece comes with a message about the black innocent citizens who killed by police and gang violence. He even mentioned Trayvon Martin in his song. This song is all about a deep feeling of the singer that he showcased brilliantly by putting himself in the place of Alton Sterling, he was a CD seller but shot during the incident in front of a gas station and he even had the gun. He even put himself on the place of an officer and this part of his song sung by his fellow singer Krizz Kaliko. With the song, he drew the picture of the incident that what could be the situation if the officers do not shoot the man. The lyric part is the USP of the song, written brilliantly.


Two magicians can bring out the magic surely and so that happened with the song. It was a song from the album Special Effects but this song particularly has all the special effects as it was sung by two brilliant hip-hop artists, Eminem and Tech9ne. After a long wait, the fans of two musicians finally got the best song as “SPEEDOM”. It was a tribute to Freedom by the singer Richie Haven. To sing the song Eminem did not take any money but only a favour from Tech, he wanted a verse from Tech9ne for another record. It is really a masterpiece a great presentation of two brilliant artists.

Caribou Lou

It is another hit song of singer and he made incidentally as he was mixing drinks with his friends and got the idea of the song. It was actually a mixer of pineapple juice, 151 rum and Malibu Liquor. He made the song in 2006 while he was promoting his innovative drink. It was for his album ‘Everready’. With his blissful lyrics, his unique style of presentation and the taste of the drink, this drink became the lifeline of any party of his city Kansas and gradually became popular all over the world. It became the certified gold record on 2013 and first gold record for Techn9ne.


When you are talking about the songs of Tech9ne and his success stories, you need to count Fragile, as of his best and most popular song ever. This is from his album ‘Something Else’ and it was released as the second single from this album on 2013. The producer of the song was iMayday! And the song comes with the voices of Kendal Morgan, iMayday! and Kendrick Lamar. This song got huge positive reviews from the music critics around the world.


This is the most loved song of Tech9ne by his fans. This 2002 release song belongs to his album Absolute Power. The lyric of the song is very touchy as it describes the life story of Tech9ne. The lyrics of the songs reflect the story of a night of the singer’s life when he was drug abused. The entire song presented his dipper wisdom of intoxication.

Straight out the gate

This is one of the best song Techn9ne and his first venture towards dopeness. Tech N9ne is a big fan of the band SOAD and this song is heavily influenced by that. This is from his album Something Else, a 2013 release. This song is a masterpiece of TechN9ne as the rock n’roll genius of rap.

Am I a Psycho?

Am I a Psycho? Is from the album, “All 6’s and 7’s” of Tech N9ne and it was his eleventh studio album. With Tech N9ne featured also two other hip-hop signers apart from Tech N9ne and they are B.o.B and Hopsin. Each of the singers of the song has said a verse on the topic of insanity. It was released on 2011-12.

I’m a play

This song is from his album Absolute Power. This 2004 released song is influenced heavily by the popular song of Falco, Rock Me Amadeus. It is from the fourth studio album of the singer that peaked high on Billboard chart with #79 positions. Not just the beats and music but the extraordinary verses are the main USPs of the song.

He’s a mental giant

It was another music piece from the album “All 6’s and 7’s” of Tech N9NE. It is the 12th complete studio effort of the singer. It has some interesting and crazy punch lines and he addressed a number of issues with the lyrics of the song with the desire to shut the mouth of other rappers. After showing great humbleness, here in the song he has showcased his aggressiveness. The producer of the song was Seven.

One good time

This song is from his album ‘Killer’, a 2008 release song of the singer. This is from the CD 2 of the album and a huge hit. If you are a fan of soulful hip-hop item, this should be your choice. He explained his pain of life with the lyric of the song and a way to cry out all of his pain with the verses. He expressed real emotion of his life in the song in a unique manner.