Tech N9ne Biography


Tech9ne is a popular rapper and hip-hop artist of the USA, who is entertaining his fans from last few decades. His original name is Aaron Dontez Yates and he is a star of the hip-hop world. He has taken the name to follow the hip-hop rules and with his successful albums and tours, he is now the heartthrob of music lovers. Apart from singer, he has many other qualities and identities; he is a songwriter, rapper, entrepreneur and actor of America. With his friend and business partner Travis O-Guin he has founded his own record label, they named it Strange Music. In the banner of his label, he with his business partner has sold nearly two million music albums. He even appeared on television and film as a rapper and so on the video games. His starling career is gifted with so many awards and successful albums. In the year 2009, he has won the prestigious Left Field Woodie award.

Story from his initial days

He got his name from the popular Tec-9 semi-automatic handgun. Rapper Black Walt has given him the name because of his unique Chopper style, the fast-rhyming style. But according to the star his name has a deeper meaning of his name. He describes that the name compliment his rhyming style, while tech stands for technique and nine here represents the completion number.

He is from the Kansas City of Missouri. He has started developing his rapping style from his early age. His search for god turned into his love for music as he has a troubled childhood. His mother was a patient of Lupus and epilepsy as his father was estranged. He became emotionally and has explored the abandoned houses due to finding the supernatural elements or ghosts.

He went to the Southwest High school of Kansas City.

He started working with his musical ventures on 1991 and he tasted the success toast from the first attempt and continuing till date. He started it as the member of Black Mafia. He performed with the group but he recognized by his unique style. He signed up the Perspective Records in the year of 1993 as the member of the group. But as the band doomed away he signed with Qwest Records and then move to the JCOR records.

He was in the success train on those days as he joined the group The Regime and appeared on a title track of a film, Gang Related. With the Anghellic, he has touched another milestone of success and then next year he came up with another album Absolute Power.

Music with power and success

He started creating his own fan base since the year 1999 with the song Calm before the Storm. Like his first release, his recent releases like “worldwide chopper”, ‘slacker’, ‘caribou lou’, jellysickle’ and ‘fragile’ are equally popular. He appeared on several concerts and music tours every year and more than any other rapper of his genre. He also takes part is different music festivals in his country. He is really a talented musician, his speed to spell the words in a rhyming verse; his innovative lyrics all were captivating the audience from his first music. He has some great works in collaboration and also many works that he presented solely.

He hit 3rd position on the Billboard chart with his musical phenomena, Absolute Power and it became the highest grossing project of the singer. Another three albums of the singer like K.O.D, Killer and the Gates Mixed Plate also get places on the Billboard chart.

He has released many successful albums like Sickology 101, Misery Loves Kompany and so on.

Success beyond music

Apart from working with his music ventures, he does another job, sound-scanning. His is actually a way to track the sales of any solo music piece or any musical albums. He did the work for several albums and has achieved another great skill of experience.

He showcases a unique music style which is not influenced by any single artist but many popular artists like Schoolly D, Public Enemy, Slick Rick, N.W.An etc. He is a true music lover and he listens to the music of many other singers like Led Zeppelin, Doors, Elton John, and Jim Morrison and so on.

He featured his songs in many films like the Gang Related, Alpha Dog and also in many promotional short commercials like AXE. Video games like EA Sports MMA, Madden NFL of 2006, 25 to Life etc. He appeared as a RAP artist in different television shows like the Hills, My Super 16, I’m From Rolling Stone, Dark Angel and The Ape. He is a complete entertainer and he mesmerized all his fans with his speedy and rocking singing performances and excellent beats. He has a number of fans all over the world.

He tours in different parts of USA. He has released many albums under the name Tech9ne Collabos featuring with a number of guest appearances.