Tech N9ne Tour 2019 & Tickets

Tech N9ne is hip-hop God. His tour concerts are scheduled for May 2019. Don’t miss any of them by purchasing a ticket!

Tech N9ne Tour Dates 2019



JAN 19

8:00 PM

 VooDoo Lounge At Harrah’s North Kansas City, Kansas City, MO   BUY TICKETS from $61

MAY 17

8:00 PM

 Fillmore Auditorium – Colorado, Denver, CO   BUY TICKETS from $60

MAY 18

7:00 PM

 Fillmore Auditorium – Colorado, Denver, CO   BUY TICKETS from $60

Ticket prices

Tech N9ne is a well-known rapper and known widely. It is no wonder that finding the Tech N9ne concert tickets is something that everyone has done. He appears on different tours and concerts throughout a year in the US or internationally. Rap is one of the most popular music from all over the world. This popular singer has a huge fan base around the globe and that increasing day by day. Many other music forms like funk, hip-hop, trans and metal also influenced by rap music. Tech N9ne is one of the most talented musicians of today and he has contributed a lot to make the rap music more popular. He solely concentrated on hip-hop and rap music but not in another genre. He has a number of successful albums and many hit singles. Till date, he has released 23 singles, 12 albums and 24 numbers of music videos. This popular rap artist is all set to give more thrilling and exciting performances all over the world. If you are a fan of the singer, you need to book the tickets first and even faster to grab it at the right price. This singer has announced the dates for his Independent Grind Tour and he is all set to tour 46 cities and the next one is KC live at Kansas City, this month on 6th October, Saturday and the price for each ticket start from $45. He has announced all the dates for his tours till November 2018.

Due to Busy lifestyles of today, it is becoming difficult for the people to visit a travel agent to book a ticket or stand in a long line to buy concert tickets of Tech N9ne.

To overcome the issue, many ticket brokers have now launched their websites that allow the singer’s fan to book tickets online in advance. This enables people to book tickets for their favorite without having to stand in the queue and by wasting their energy and precious time. Typically, some of the ticket brokers charge a small fee in addition to the face value of the concert ticket but some not.  People even do not mind paying this extra money to get their desired tickets according to favorite seating arrangements and it delivered to their doorsteps without any type of hassle. These tickets booking websites are owned by those who specialize in offering their ticketing services to individuals who want to purchase concert tickets.

Tickets prices of his concerts vary according to the time, place of the concert and the demands of tickets. If you buy the tickets minimum two weeks before the date of the concerts, you will be lucky enough to get the tickets at a discounted price and another benefit of booking tickets early is to get the preferable seat choices as per requirements. If you want to enjoy your favorite rapper’s show from front seats, you need to book the tickets early. You can search for tickets for the shows in your nearest location also as he has many shows in the next few days at different corners of USA.

Short Bio

Real Tech N9ne’s names is Aaron Dontes Yates. He took the name Tech N9ne in 1988. When asked why he gave himself that name he replied, “My name means technique number nine. Nine is the number of perfection. A pregnancy lasts nine months. A cat has nine lives. Three plus six are nine. 360 degrees (9 times 40) are a complete circle. Technique number nine means “perfect technique of rhyming“. That’s why you can hear me along with Yukmouth, C-Bo and Lynch Hung. I worked with 2pac and Spice 1. I hang out with all these people because I am very good at hip-hop. I even went to see Eminem in his wakeup show. You can hear me with every imaginable MC because I simply have the perfect rhyme technique. I am all in one. It is wonderful! “At the same time this is also an allusion to a rapid-fire weapon the so-called TEC-9, as it often raps as fast as it shoots with its fast oilseed rape (also called Chopperstyle in its handling).

Tech N9ne began his music career in 1988. In his early years he was a member of the group “NNUTT HOWZE”, which he often mentioned in later texts, using “six, six, triple eight, forty six, ninety nine, three” (6688846993), which resulted in SMS written NNUTT HOWZE. The group disbanded after being excluded from their label “Perspective Records”. Furthermore, he was a member of the group 57th Street Rogue Dog Villains, with whom he had some success with the single “Let’s Get Fucked Up”.

Strange Music is a music label run by Tech N9ne with Travis O’Guin. It was founded in 2002. From then on he released his own albums under this label. The label also has several other artists under contract, such as Krizz Kaliko, ¡Mayday !, Prozak, Rittz, Ces Cru, Brotha Lynch Hung, Stevie Stone, Big Scoob, Wrekonize of ¡Mayday! and the rapper Murs.

Four of his songs are part of the soundtrack of Alpha Dog – Deadly Friendships. Two of them can be heard on his album “Everready: The Religion” (“Caribou Lou” and “Night and Day”). Also his songs from his albums “Absolute Power” and “LA-LA Land” (along with Gina Cassavetes, the daughter of Alpha Dog director Nick Cassavetes) included in “Slither”.

The songs “Jellysickle” and “My Wife, My Bitch, My Girl” are part of the soundtrack of the shooter game “25 To Life”. In addition, a censored version of his song “The Beast” can be found in the American football game “Madden NFL 2006”. The song “Everybody Move” are a part of the the racing game Midnight Club: Los Angeles soundtrack. In addition, “Dwamn” can be found in the racing game “The Crew” as well as the singles “Straight Out The Gate” and “Last Man Standing” by ¡MAYDAY! Feat. Tech N9ne on “WWE 2K18” whose music selection was selected by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

2007 Tech N9ne was on the MTV show “I’m from Rolling Stone” to see.

Top five concerts

Currently, if you need to listen to various hip-hop artists you go online or listen to a radio station. Seeking out a rap musician using online means is the modern approach to discovering a good musician. During the late nineteen seventies and early eighties discovering a new rap, artisan means you would need to head over to underground events or concerts. But if you want to get the real vibes of the music, you should go for live concerts. Live concerts of Tech is something really good to enjoy as the audience but if you missed some of his on-stage performances, you can still watch them online. There are many successful live shows and concerts presented by the singer and here you will find some best from there:

Rock the bells 2009

It was one of the best performances from his initial days in the musical world. It took place in Southern California but gradually it became a musical tour all over the world. As the show has features most of the popular hip-hop rappers, Tech got his chance also to presents his talent. Among the many the mainstream artists line up, he presented something very much unique in the show, with his beats, his voice and his performance; he amazed everyone out there and made his own place in this particular style of music. With Krizz Kaliko, he performed some unique presentation of hip-hop music.

PowerHouse LA

It was another more successful stage show of Tech n9ne and Collabos. This show was arranged by the power 106 FM. Where the singer performed in a unique way with paintings on his face but it was the most powerful performance of the singer where he has amazed all his fans and made them rock the floor with his music and his beats. People became crazy about his performance. It was a 2015 performance of the singer.

Springfield, MO live

Another live show of the singer was in Springfield, MO on 2016. It was another successful live concert by the singer. It was in his native place Missouri where he presented his soulful performance with his unique style.  He performed there with his fellow musicians and own troop and there he showcased the best part of his musical skills.

Independent grind tour, Pops in St Louis, MO 10-17-10

This is one of the most popular musical tours of the band and the fans wait every year to book the tickets of his independent grind tour. We are talking about one of those concerts back from 2010. N9ne’s Independent Grind Tour has stopped off at Pops in St. Louis Missouri and with a rocking show by the band. The tour included a variety of hip/hop and rap artists that was sure to satisfy any of the music lovers who enjoy the genre. Maybe there were some opening acts by different artists but diehard fans waited a lot for the artists of Strange Music, Tech N9ne’s record label. These include Big Scoob, Kutt Calhoun, Krizz Kaliko, and of course, Tech N9ne.

Tech N9ne – special effects tour 2015

If you are a true fan of the singer, you can watch the special effects tour-concerts of the singer. With his fellow singers, he gifted something unique to his fans during the show. It was one of the most soulful performances of the singer where he showcased his own freestyle rap music. It was amongst the most successful shows of the group till date and he amazed his fans the best of musical pieces and so the best rapping style. The audience became crazy as they cheered up their favorite singer.

Future plans

There are lots of chances for the fans of his singer to rejoice as the band has recently released the dates for their Independent Grind Tour 2019 and also for the Special effects tour. Independent tour will kick start on October 6th and it will end on November 30. It will start from Kansas City and they will tour in different cities of the USA for the musical trips.

As they release their signature albums in every two or three years, they are also set to release some exciting albums in upcoming days.  All the dates of their shows for the year are released now and so the tickets are available now on various websites. You can choose a one from a legitimate website but not from any scam sites. He will come up with some new records in upcoming days also with his own label. As he teamed up with the popular Boulevard Brewing Company, he will be a part of the brand’s campaigns in upcoming days also.